How Release Migrants in Detention During COVID-19

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Help Save Immigrant Lives during COVID-19


Immigration and Customs Enforcement has confirmed a dangerous spike in cases of COVID-19 inside its detention centers. This includes the two facilities where Diocesan Migrant and Refugee Services provides legal services to immigrants.

As we deal with the threat of the coronavirus spreading to more people, our clients need your help more than ever. It is now a matter of life and death.


DMRS attorneys and staff are doing everything they can to get clients released, especially those who are considered high risk.

“I have a female client at the El Paso Processing Center and I’m concerned about her because I just got her medical records and she has been diagnosed with hypertension. The testing they have done for her indicates that she has had an infection for almost a month. She has also had several problems, including with her liver, that have not been looked at. Obviously, there is something going on. This lady has been going to medical almost every day for about a month complaining of headaches. Headaches are indicative of hypertension. There’s something wrong going on with her, and add COVID-19 which puts her at a greater risk, I am very concerned that this lady will end up in an ICU at some point,” said Chavez.


DMRS attorneys and staff are working around the clock to get migrants released. It is a process that Chavez said could take anywhere from a couple of days, to months.

“My clients have been kept in detention. Their lives are at risk. They have families. They have children. They have husbands. They are somebody’s child. They are somebody’s mother. They are in detention unnecessarily,” said Chavez.


"I ask that you allow us and help us in continuing our fight for their freedom. For them to be able to be safe. For their lives. This is a life and death issue, and so we ask you to help us to continue our fight."

Thank you.